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First of all can I say I LOVE ICARD? This is the interactive card system YouTube is rolling out right now. Eventually it might replace annotations, at least that is what I’m hearing.  It has been along time coming for YouTube to introduce a seriously useful tool that allows Channel Masters to embed  links to pretty much anything they want!


I have found that if you have a website that is connected to YouTube  you can use pretty links to redirect your icard to where ever you wish.  It is super easy to use too, unlike most Google related things. A note of warning though, YouTube doesn’t necessarily like affiliate advertising and you can get into hot water with this very easily.  It is important to be upfront with your viewers and helpful, not misleading, when you add links.

youtube icards

Here are the steps to create your own icard embed in your video:

  • Create your video
  • Upload your video
  • go to the video manager
  • Click on edit
  • Then click on Icard
  • Create a new card
  • That is pretty much all there is to this!

What I love about this is that you can post these videos in other places and the icard stays intact. Places like Facebook, Stumble, Tumblr and Blogger!  Icards are cutting edge for marketers.  We already understand what power there is in YouTube, now instead of all of the arrows and annotation encouraging people to “click on the link below” we can simply put an icard in!

Icards are also mobile platform friendly.

While searching around to see if anyone had come up with a video on how to create an Icard which is basically a clickable link over on YouTube I ran across this nifty video on how to make clickable links from pictures you already have in your video! It is the second video in this play list. The first video will show you how to make an icard, it is pretty cute too. The second video is Adam Payne explaining how to create clickable images within your video with annotations and the third video is Video Creators,  Tim Schmoyer, explaining how to capture lots of views for free – yeah, we all like that right?

Gotta share this last video with  you (and no I won’t make a dime if you decide to follow the message through) This is great!

Got questions? We’ve got answers 🙂  Leave comments below or shoot me a message.  Have you tried icards yet? Got any dope advice that you’d care to share? You can even brag about your success! We love hearing from you…