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Corbette (of ThinkTraffic.com) Barr’s   now, relatively famous quote “write epic shit” has me wondering is

. . .writing great content enough?


What about backlinking, and side linking, design, plug ins, list building, viral bait, social media platforms, generating traffic and on and on and on?

writing creat contentI was  reading through what Glenn over at ViperChill.com has to say about the future of blogging. Glenn addresses many of these issues, as well as making some insightful, points. Some of the points he makes are relatively self evident like; people love gossip, salacious tidbits, tawdry pieces. People are busy so they want short sound bites. People are more interested in celebrities than in politics (unless the politician is caught in a compromising position). He talks about SEO (Matt Cutts the guru of Google actually gave him an incredible tip that Glenn shares – so go read the post or at least bookmark it for when you have several hours to devote to it)


He also talks about how much competition there is for generating content. Some of the large sites like Huffington Post and Mashable have huge writing staffs.  Begging the question, as least for me, is it even possible to compete in this arena? I prefer to believe it is possible though I suspect it is more a matter of writing strategic content rather than volumes of it.

Derek Halpern discusses marketing and blogging over on his blog Social Triggers. Derek looks at the psychological reasons behind why we do what we do and backs up his points with academic research. Derek highlights what makes marketing work and how to get the most bang for your buck in the blog-o-sphere. He is a blogging minimalist from his choice of colors (white is a color right?) to how many posts he publishes to how he works with his list.

The commonalities of these three bloggers is that they are all in the same niche, yet they all approach it from a slightly different angle, they each provide interesting  and valuable content. Kind of like having several Italian restaurants in the same district that offered their own take on Italian cuisine. They each have very different personalities that comes thorough in their writing. They also, all, know a lot about backlinking, list building, web design, plug ins, viral bait, social media platforms and generating traffic.

What I take away from reading what Derek, Glenn and Corbette have to say is that writing great content is fundamental to long term success if it appeals to someone else, it makes them question something, or teaches them something or shows them something they might not have seen before or solves a problem that is causing them pain. Writing great content comes down to meeting the demands of these 27 words:

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, ally their fears, confirm their suspicions  and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” Joe Vitale – Buying Trances

And you need to understand the fundamentals of the other aspects of blogging such as SEO, backlinking, list building, web design, and social media. If you can put all of this together, then you will make a difference and ultimately isn’t that what writing great content is all about?

Action Assignment:

  • Write one piece of content around  your core website point.
  • Share it on Facebook and ask for comments on your post.

I would love to know what you think about writing great content, what is your opinion is it the only thing that matters or is it the cornerstone that many other skills need to be added to?

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