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Why should you consider creating video pins for Pinterest? Well mostly because Pinterest wants them on their platform.

Pinterest is a search engine for pictures. Like Google and Bing they provide a resource for traffic. Unlike the “Big Guys” Pinterest takes search to a whole new level.

Creepy Ads

Do you get creeped out when social media sites show you ads for things you have been talking about? Yeah, me too. Pinterest isn’t like that. Pinterest lets you ask what you are interested in by what you click on and search for. What boards you create and pins you save play into what they show you too. As marketers, we love the platform because it allows us to get in front of people who are looking for what we offer.

Delivering up the Best Video Pins for Pinterest

Pinterest has some ideas about how to create the kinds of video pins they are looking for.

They want your video pins to include the following elements;

  1. A visually attractive – catch your eye – image in the proper ration of 2:3. (If you use Canva’s templates you will never go wrong)
  2. Make your items or brand the focal point of the image/video
  3. Show them how they can use or benefit from your product – showcase why they should want your stuff. Pinterest phrases it as “give context”
  4. Be sure to include your logo (or website address) Not only does this help brand you, but it helps other pinners when your link gets disconnected from your pin (this does happen from time to time)
  5. Tell a story with text.

Of course we always want to abide by the community guidelines that are clearly, and might I add big enough type to read, here.

Creating Your Video For The Pin

There are lots of places you can use for free to create video pins for Pinterest. And tons of different styles to get your message across.

I like to create pretty basic videos that can be embedded in a variety of pin templates. This is super easy to do on Canva.

Here is the process;

First you create your 16 second slide, then you upload the video to Canva. Next you pop the video in the pin template.

Multi-purposing Video Pins For Pinterest

When it comes to multi-purposing video pins for pinterest the sky is the limit. Not only can you create many pins using the same video piece but you can also use it as a stand alone video on other social media and web 2.0 platforms. These videos can be used to create many terrific backlinks for your backlink web.

Video Creation Too Overwhelming?

We offer a done for you video creation service that is very reasonable.


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