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A couple weeks ago I purchased Tube Commandments as an  upsell for bam bam backlinks. WOW hands down one of the BEST investments I have made this year as far as building videos goes.

Over the years I have fiddled around with youtube videos. Even bought a few “how to” products. Though I have good movie making software, to do the Tube Commandments, you don’t even need anything more than the free stuff. Movie Maker and audacity work just fine. Of course there is Screencast O Matic too. Easy peasy.

What You Will Learn With Tube Commandments

You will learn how to find keywords (for free). Next step is to set up  your channel on Youtube. Onto making your first video with all the bells and whistles. And finally you will learn how to upload it to get it to rank.

Each one of the ten Tube Commandments has a TON of information included. Links to resources, a blueprint, a video guide as well as a written version of the video presentation. On top of that there is an overall blueprint and a bonus. While the course is put together making some assumptions, the resource for understanding the details is also included.

Does Tube Commandments Work?

Heck ya! So yesterday I made a video to go with an article I was doing for one of my other websites. The keyword I chose is kind of competitive with 17 sites having the exact match. Here is the Jaaxy shot:

jaaxy ranking


Yesterday it wasn’t ranking so well, but today after applying the bam bam backlinks strategies to it the video is ranking #11 in Google and #5 in Bing.

Tube CommandmentsTube commandments

Okay, so I am the first to admit many of my videos are super hokey. If I can get videos to rank in Bing and Google then so can you. The beautiful part of this whole strategy is that it is simple. And FREE (while the part after you buy the training incorporates tons of free resources.)

bam bam backlinks and tube commandments reviewed with a real life example

How Much Does Tube Commandments Cost?

It is part of a package deal with Bam Bam Backlinks. I spent $47 for the full backlinks training with the plugin. And then another $37 for the Tube Commandments training. There are a couple of down sells for instance you can just get the blueprint for Tube Commandments or just the backlinks training without the plugin. As a person who purchases lots of different types of trainings, I have to say this one ranks high in my world. As far as effective training goes, this is one of the best for ranking videos.


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