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Take action. Pretty straight forward right? Well maybe not so much. Do you ever plan to start something (like maybe that latest “thing” you thought was going to be perfect for what ever it is you are doing) then realize there is a huge learning curve? You are already over committed and instead of arranging a way to implement the “thing” slowly you stop doing everything thing else to concentrate the new thing. So, now you aren’t doing anything?

Way easy to fall into that trap. The learning trap.  Always learning but never doing. Sometimes we like to justify it to ourselves as “work” though really not so much. Work produces something in the long run, learning is preparation for work. If you are in business, there needs to be some “work” involved.  It presupposes that you’ve already done the studying.

Take Action While You Work

Does this mean that you should never study? No, it means that when you are working you should take action to produce what ever the thing of value is that your are producing. You should study in your off time, and you shouldn’t confuse the two. In fact often the things that we are trying to figure out that keep us from taking action have to do with learning technology to implement things. Unless you work for $10 an hour, hire it out. They are going to get it up and running way before you do.

To take action, consistent action, it is best to follow some sort of plan. Knowing what you need to accomplish each day. Tasks of actual income producing activities is key. Make a list of those things  you need to do each day and check them off. The devil is in the details. Often in the ten very simple little tasks that we must do each day to realize our goals we are moved the furthest and the fastest. But they are also the easiest to blow off.

Get Focused

The way to form your plan of action is to know, laser focused, what your end goal is. Sometimes we hear this as our intention.   Understanding your intention for anything that you produce makes its production exponentially easier. Knowing what you are trying to accomplish at the outset allows you to set the boundaries to accomplish it. And to know when your goal has been accomplished.

Be cognizant how long tasks take you to accomplish and scheduling enough time in your “work” day to accomplish them realistically is important too. It is easy to get distracted, especially if you work from home, with the phone, Facebook, kids (animals escaping in my case). That is why a list is helpful. When you get pulled away you can get right back to work without having to figure out what you need to do next or where you left off.

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Action Assignment

  1. Make a list of the top ten income producing tasks you need to accomplish every day
  2. Assign an amount of time that it normally takes you to accomplish the task
  3. Schedule those tasks in your day timer, allowing enough time to accomplish each task. (You don’t have to do them all at the same time if you have family or other commitments during your working hours, break up the times that you schedule your tasks so that they are manageable)
  4. Commit to accomplishing each of those ten things for one month

It is better to take a few actions consistently than to do many actions sporadically.


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