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First you go to one place to do your keyword research, then another for backlinking and another for checking how your site is ranking for those keywords and another and another and another…

Stop the insanity!

SEO Profiler Review

This SEO Profiler Review is going to show how you can get everything you need to do an effective job on SEO in one place. Skeptical? I was too until I decided to take it for a $1 for 30 days test drive. I’m sold.

seo profiler review

SEO Profiler offers the following services for one set price per month:

A ranking monitor

No more having to pay to see which keywords are ranking on Google for your website. Not only can you see what’s going on with the keywords you are trying to rank for on your site, but you can also monitor your competitors and it monitors Google and Bing as well as Yahoo.  It has been my experience that when  you start monitoring keywords in more than one search engine the price of monitoring starts getting exponentially more expensive.

Not only do you get information on  where your posts are ranking for keywords, how many it tracks depends on the subscription you choose, but you get ideas about where to link in order to boost your position to increase your traffic.

Website Audit

Get detailed reports on your websites. What is broken, how to fix it.  Know exactly how the search engines are seeing your site, fix the problems before you get penalized. Serving up good content, with a minimum of technical issues on  your site will increase your exposure in the search engines and gain you more traffic.

Link Building Tool

We all know that you need backlinks, quality backlinks, to rank in the search engines. SEO Profiler provides quality backlinks, a starter set of backlinks and a backlinks scrubber so that you don’t end up with unsavory backlinks attached to your site. You can also find those bad backlinks and remove them.

Competitive Analysis

SEO Profiler has an amazing competitive analysis tool. You can see what your competition is ranking for as far as keywords go, who they are backlinking to and what they are spending in Adwords. This is crucial to understanding if you can a) compete in that market or b) if it is worth getting into that query space.

Automated Website Submission

You get unlimited website submission to search engines. You also get access to many high ranking directories and article submission sites.

Website Analytics

SEO Profiler is fully integrated into Google Analytics. No more visiting a bunch of different places online to find the stats and errors that, as webmasters, we need.

On top of all of these is the Keyword research tools – there are eleven separate functions in the Keyword research tool category! Start with the basic keyword idea you are wanting to target, from there you get suggestions, long tail keywords, competitive analysis, color indicators about whether or not you could compete in that niche, what the ad rate is in Adwords, how many people are searching for that term, who is the competition for those keywords.

For a good keyword research tool alone you could expect to pay upwards of $50 a month to get what is offered as part of this bundled service.

SEO Profiler is set up for the beginner as well as the seasoned professional handling many websites as well as just a few. Pricing is a bargain. Way cheaper to get everything you need to stay on top of SEO on your sites, find keywords, monitor your competition and get backlinking with SEO Profiler than to spread out all of the different pieces over many sites that specialize only in one facet of the whole SEO puzzle.

One could think that having one site that does everything you might not get quality in each individual module, however, that hasn’t been my experience.

Each section is set up so that it is easy to understand. You can work on multiple sites at one time. The response is fast in terms of submitting information and then getting a report back. The reports are actionable. If there is an issue, an explanation is given on how to fix that issue.

Having spent the last month paying for coaching to learn how to set up a website, from keyword research to backlinking and conversion, I can tell you that everything that was being taught, is available in one spot with SEO Profiler! Rather than going from Google analytics to pro ranker to backlinks indexer to Keyword Canine to a really expensive backlinking site, now I have one spot that I can go to get all of the data I need, do all of the research and spy on my competitors to get better at what I do.

All of this can be yours for $1 for the first 30 days – See for yourself if SEO Profiler isn’t the most comprehensive SEO Tool you have seen online.

SEO Profiler Review

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