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SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New Blog


You have a shiny new blog idea! Great! Let’s get that blog off to the best possible start by looking at some SEO optimization tips that you must know from the start to get your blog to rank. These techniques work well with a new blog or website that you are putting together from scratch. As well as for a blog you are using on a blogging platform like Wix or Weebly.

Over the years I have put together many websites. This research resulted in a check list of items that make them go together much faster. The check list makes them much easier to stay on top of too. This little “book” is the result of much research and money spent studying from experts in the SEO optimization and blog building realm. Hopefully this saves you money, time and frustration.

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SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New Blog


One – How To Do Keyword Research Before You Start Blogging

Two –Permalinks The Secret Of Editing For SEO Optimization

Three – Related Keywords For Posting in Clusters

Four – Tying Related Posts Together

Five – Interlinking Your Posts

Six – How Do You Add Your URL To The Search Engines

Seven – Marketing Blog Posts – Don’t Be A Wall Flower

An extra article to help you get started actually putting articles together.


There are seven chapters because seven is the number of completion, and I’m kind of goofy about numbers that way. After going through this book you should have the confidence to start your new blogging endeavor or revamp an old blog. When it comes to SEO Optimization keywords are the key. If you get nothing else out of this remember that the tighter your keywords are related to what ever you are providing the more likely it is that you will get found and that those that find you will be looking for what you have to offer.

Leave your comments and thoughts below and share this book with your friends who are talking about starting a blog or struggling to find their footing with a blog they have already started.

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