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SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog -Chapter Four


There are several was to go about tying related posts together to get the maximum effect with search engines and to, more importantly in my opinion, help your readers solve their problem in one spot.

You can take a main keyword and then using two or three sub keywords write two or three (using the sub keywords as the main keyword in each post) articles that are all closely related and link back and forth to each other. Sometimes this is referred to as a campaign and can get rather extensive especially if you start linking out to other website properties that you own. To start with concentrate on your blog. This is an example of this technique on my Level One Network blog with a series I did on video marketing

Well Level One Network doesn’t exist any longer, but the strategy still works.

  • Ninja Video Marketing 101
  • Video Marketing 3 Tactics To Get More Views
  • How To Make Videos For Free The Easy Way

Each of these posts are related to each other yet address some aspect that is slightly different.

Brian Clark, of Copyblogger fame always links related posts together. I love his post Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well notice how at the bottom of his article he has six other articles that are related to writing well. It is almost impossible for me to visit Copyblogger and not spend at least 30 minutes rummaging through what he has written. First of all he uses epic headlines and secondly, he delivers on his headlines promise every time.

You can write a resource page where you take a group of related posts, write either a page about them, incorporating the links into the article or you can list them on the page and give a little information about each link.  Here is an example of this method with my post s on how to Get Leads and Traffic.

And finally, only because I can’t think of any other method at this moment, you can create a resource book. A resource book is designed to take your keywords and help your reader find solutions because you have already done the research for them. This book is an example of a resource book.

best home blogging course for beginners

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