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SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog – Chapter Three


Use related keywords for posting in clusters? What the heck is a cluster you might be wondering. In my world a cluster is a group of closely related items, for instance keywords or keyword phrases.


keyword research

Now that we have our main keywords and have written ten or fifteen posts around those for our blog, we are going to need to find some related keywords for  each of those ten or fifteen main keywords to expand on our niche. Using an online Thesaurus is a great way to discover related keywords and adjectives that might be good qualifiers for your main keywords to expand on.

The Australian SEO Company does a great job of laying out how to use related keywords to gain authority with some of your more difficult to rank for keywords.


Here is a little diagram to help you understand the flow when it comes to finding related keywords


related keywords



Divi Fernando shares 16 Free Reword Research Tools that can help you figure out how to “drill down” in your niche to find related keywords that you can rank for relatively quickly and easily. This article has been updated in July of 2013 so has the new Google Adwords Keyword Tool information  updated too.

Once you have your related keywords you are going to need to do several posts around each of those keywords.  Which takes us to the next step which will explain Tying Related Posts Together.

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