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Pinterest totally frustrating and yet the bees knees when it comes to marketing in certain genres. And certainly if you are selling something!

For years I tinkered with Pinterest, but after opening an Etsy shop I realized that having a dedicated Business Account was imperative. Having blogged on my Hartnana site for many years and saw the power of Pinterest for driving traffic there, I decided to really get an understanding of how to pin effectively. The results have been outstanding in my book.

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Why You Are Right About Pinterest

If you hold to the belief that Pinterest can bring you a ton of traffic and make you sales…Then you are absolutely right. The problems creep up when you don’t understand how to pin properly.

Did you know there are 6 different, well technically 7, different ways to pin? The thing is, you must do most of these techniques directly on the platform. Tailwind won’t cut it.


Did I just say Tailwind won’t work? Why, yes, yes I did.

Tailwind is a tool. Because of that you won’t get the same kind of results you would get pinning direct. You can pin videos on Tailwind but you can’t take advantage of tagging there. And you can pin regular pins. But that is it!

What Makes Pinning Direct So Special?

Pinning direct offers:

  • video pins
  • carousel pins
  • collage pins
  • Url direct pins
  • story pins
  • regular pins
  • product pins

Each of these types of pin offers its unique advantages. Over on QuitePintastic.com I detail exactly how to create each type of pin. If you are serious about using Pinterest to your best advantage, I sincerely encourage you to go read that article. Then practice pinning the way the platform wants you to. You might be surprised at how fast you can pin – even if you are pinning directly.

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