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 SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New Blog – Chapter Two

When it comes to SEO optimization permalinks count! Permalinks are the end part of the URL added when you create a new post. For this post that you are reading the permalink is http://www.jillehart.com/permalinks In case you are wondering permalinks is the keyword I am targeting with this post.

Normally when permalinks are created they are formed from the title you chose to use when you are creating your post. You always need to have your keyword phrase in the title of your post, near the beginning of the title. Title or headline writing is a whole niche of its own, full of experts that have much more experience than I do to guide you on the subject.

Here are a few that I have listened to over the years:

Brain Clark’s How to Write Magnetic Headlines is a great place to start – notice that his permalink is http://www.copyblogger.com/magnetic-headlines/ Magnetic Headlines is his keyword phrase.


Here Jeff Goins shares his secret to writing catchy headlines. His permalink is http://goinswriter.com/catchy-headlines/ and main keyword, you guessed it…catchy headlines.

See how this works? Even though your platform will automatically create permalinks for you you can edit the permalink to be exactly the keyword phrase you are trying to get found for.


 NuuVidea shares how to actually change permalinks in WordPress in this quick video tutorial



Did you catch his comments about “if you are familiar with SEO”? That is because you want to have a title that draws people into your post but you want to tell the search engines what your post is about without confusing them.  Rule of thumb: Make your permalinks your main keyword or keyword phrase. It will keep your URL’s shorter, more memorable and as an added benefit when people are linking back to you, if they understand keywords, it makes it easy for them to come up with anchor text that benefits you for back linking purposes.

This is a super simple little concept that so many bloggers don’t understand, master it and reap the rewards of higher search engine visibility.

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