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SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog – Chapter Seven


When it comes to marketing blog posts or getting traffic to your new blog there are as many ways to promote it as there are gurus to sell you stuff to make it happen. Believe me when I tell you there are a lot of gurus out there that have stuff to sell you when it comes to getting traffic.

By far the most important part of  starting your new blog is going to be marketing blog posts as you write them. Getting traffic is the whole reason behind using SEO optimization in the first place. In the beginning you will find that you won’t be getting that much traffic from the search engines. It is kind of a catch 22 there in that you have to show the search engines that you are worth getting visitors for them to send you visitors on the other hand you want visitors so you try to organize  your blog posts in a way that should make the search engines happy.


One marketing expert that I have respect for says you should spend 20% of your time on content creation and 80% of your time on marketing blog posts that you have already created.


I was looking for a good post over on Traffic Generation Cafe,  to send you over to review, but have decided that everything that Ana Hoffman writes about marketing blog posts, or traffic in general needs to be read! I totally LOVE the Saturday round up she sends out and confess though I don’t normally “work” on Saturday, I do read her summation of what is important in the traffic world, with a cup of coffee. (I always want a cup of coffee when I visit her site) This post is a good place to start: How to Promote Your Blog

Brody Dorland breaks marketing blog posts into a 12 step program though I think it can be summed up in four.

Over all the fundamentals of marketing blogs post is that you need to accomplish these four things:

  • Bookmarking
  • Social Networking
  • Linking
  • Repacking content to share in different mediums


This can be outsourced through onlywire.com For a nominal fee and an hours time to set up initially, you can have your posts automatically bookmarked and syndicated through a variety of bookmarking and syndication services.

Social Networking:

I never use Onlywire  (or Hootsuite though many love this service) to post on social networking sites like Facebook, G+, Twitter or LinkedIn. It is better to personally post to the major social networking sites. Posting a question and linking back to your post in a comment actually works better than posting your link in the original status update. SEOClaws.com goes over some strategies to use for social networking. Don’t forget forums.  Be active, relative, and helpful.


Linking back to previous content within your site and to other content your find that is related to what you are talking about is a necessary part of marketing each post too.  I consider leaving comments on other blogs as a form of linking, though it could be classified as social networking I suppose. Leaving comments is a wonderful way to interact with others in your community too. Bam Bam Backlinks is a great product that will show you how to create your own network of Google friendly sites that are free to use.

Repacking content:

Often content that is posted on a blog can be repackaged and syndicated as a video, slideshow, article or even pictures. Be sure to go through the syndication process for each of those items too.

If you set up a routine that you follow after you post each article it makes the whole thing less complicated. Many successful bloggers use an excel spread sheet to track their routine and to track individual keywords as they rank in the search engines.

Using these marketing techniques and strategies will help you get in front of your target audience while you wait for the search engines to notice you. The more you interact within your community, the more traffic you will see to your blog post.

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