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Everyone loves t shirts. They are comfortable and they can sport your personality in a way that few other pieces of apparel can. So why not take advantage of that and learn to make and sell T-shirts online?

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There are a couple of products you can purchase that will show you the ins and outs of running successful campaigns online with TeeSpring.

The basic concept for creating Tshirts on TeeSpring is not difficult. It is a crowd sourced platform. You design your t shirt using either their art work or art work you’ve created or had created on your own. Decide what color you wish to offer, how many shirts will need to be ordered before any will be created, how long the campaign will run for and then promote your campaign.

If you already know how to promote online this is probably enough information for you to get started making money with TeeSpring. For the rest of us that a) don’t have a clue about design b) don’t “get” what’s hot c) don’t really understand how to promote T shirt sales. Harlan Kilstein put together a great little product that shows, in depth, the steps to being successful when it comes to make sell T shirts online using free resources.


Make Sell T-Shirts


Though this has only 2 webinars listed once you order this through this link, I will send you a private link to a full 15 part detailed course on how to create, run and profit from make sell T-shirts online!

The details of the course include how to spot T Shirts that are already making sales, how to profit from a niche and how to get your own T shirts designed by a professional for a few dollars.

There are several other places that you can make sell tshirts online free:

Zazzle – Zazzle offers a wide variety of products to print on, shops that you can put together and promote. They don’t require minimums for printing either.

Sunfrog – I love Sunfrog. You can sell the shirts already on the site or create  your own. You can make royalty payments on art work that you submit that others  use to sell Tshirts. Just playing around with the site I accidentally made $32!
Custom Ink – This is a great place to make Tshirts for large group as there is a minimum quantity that must be purchased before they will print. There are also a variety of items that you can have printed here, not just T shirts.

Spreadshop – Another place that you can upload your own designs and make residual income there. Build a shop or sell Tshirts already created.

To make sell Tshirts online you will need some photo editing software if you plan to create your own designs. You can get a free, fully functional photoshop download here at Adobe or you can check out Gismodo’s 10 photoshop alternatives that are totally free.

I use pixlr.com, picmonkey, photoshop, gimp and paint for designing and tweaking designs I want to use to create tshirts. Some things  you need to be aware of though, when creating your own designs;

  • don’t use copyrighted material
  • don’t use franchise logos (because they are copyrighted material)
  • make your designs your own. If you copy a concept someone else is being successful with change it up a bit.
  • and did I mention, don’t use copyright material?

How do you find free pictures to use online? You need to filter your images in the search engines. In Google click images, search tools, labeled for commercial reuse (if you want to be super safe use labeled for commercial reuse with modification). In Bing click images, license, free to modify, share, use commercially. There is also a site called Morguefile that has a good selection of royalty-free photos.

Designing and selling T shirts online is a fast and easy way to make substantial income online. If you are serious about making and selling Tshirts online and want to profit quickly, you should absolutely get the SunFrog Tee Shirt Profits that Harlan has put together because though it is easy to make sell t-shirts if you know what you are doing, without some of the basics covered it could take you awhile to figure it out on your own. Not only will it open your horizons to the potential for making and selling t-shirts online, but he offers support if you are struggling to get  your shirts to sell.


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You can find more information on Making and Selling Sunfrog Tshirts here


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