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SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog – Chapter Five


Don’t you love it when you go to a blog to find some information or solve a problem you have and discover a ton of links there to further help you refine your solution?  That is what interlinking your blog posts is all about. Helping your reader find the whole answer to their question.

Why Interlinking Your Blog Posts Is So Important

Why Interlinking Your Blogs Posts is a Must (and Not Just For SEO) – Written by Daniel Vassiliou of Endurance SE

Daniel covers why interlink blog posts, benefits other than SEO, bounce rate and how to use interlinking effectively.

How To Interlink Your Blog Posts

Yaro Starak discusses the technical aspect of interlinking your blog posts in his Newsletter How To Interlink Your Blog Articles To Increase Traffic 

 Yaro also talks about pingback and trackbacks in this article, because once you start interlinking your posts you will start to see these show up in your comment section.

Derek Halpern weighs in on his thoughts about How To Interlink Your Articles The Right Way

Mr. Halpern shares with us how to use Google Analytics and organize our categories in order for our interlinking to make sense.

Mad Geek, guest posting over on shoutmeloud.com, shares the Top Benefits Of Interlinking Your Blog Posts

Here you will be treated to the Mad Greek’s personal experience with interlinking his posts and what he discovered before and after he employed this method.

Pingbacks and Trackbacks, because they happen

We will look at a couple pingback and trackback discussions too, as I am never sure what to do with these when they show up in my comments box. Come along as we investigate what to do about them.

There is a difference between a pingback and a trackback, we should start with the definition first.

A Pingback notifies a blogger that a bot has linked to their blog. This is what you will see when you link back to your own stuff.

A Trackback notified a blogger that a link has been created on purpose. These bloggers that I am linking to here will get a trackback notification about this post.

Okay, so now off to see what to do with these puppies.

What, Why and How-To’s of Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress This article will explain the details and also show you how to turn pingbacks and trackbacks off in WordPress. It is his opinion that they are mostly spam (I have found this to be true too)

What’s a Pingback? And How To Write Links Sue Waters takes a different view of pingbacks and explains the etiquette of using them.

And there you have it, why and how to interlink your blog posts. Now you can go and read from the beginning of this little ebook on SEO Optimization

best home blogging course for beginners

SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog:

Chapter One – How To Do Keyword Research Before You Start Blogging

Chapter Two –Permalinks The Secret Of Editing For SEO Optimization

Chapter Three – Related Keywords For Posting in Clusters

Chapter Four – Tying Related Posts Together

Chapter Five – Interlinking Your Posts   (You are here)

Chapter Six – How Do You Add Your URL To The Search Engines 

Chapter Seven – Marketing Blog Posts – Don’t Be A Wall Flower

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