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what are your intentionsIn the old days, fathers used to query prospective dates for their daughters as to their intentions. They probably knew what their intentions were before questioning them. Things don’t really change all that much, though these days it seems that things are more out in the open. And though I suspect most fathers of daughters still would like their daughters to be treated with respect, it is very difficult to go against the societal grain of anything goes.

The world of internet marketing and MLM is not too different from dating. Your leads are like daughters of protective fathers, they want to know what your intentions are. The days of wham bam, thank you mam have come and gone. Shooting your prospect over to a capture page and then expecting them to ask you to take advantage of them , or worse yet to send them some place to try to divine what you expect of them is a useless exercise.

People want to know what you expect them to do next. Which means, that you need to know what you want them to do first. You need to figure out what your intentions are before you can expect your prospects to know what to do. You also need to tell them at some point in your communication with them what you expect of them.

Here is the process for figuring out intentions:

  1. You decide before you take action what you want to accomplish
  2. You then decide how to provide value so that your customer, lead, reader, target audience gets what they came for
  3. You then tell them what you expect in return.

Back to our dating analogy. In the old days, a young man would take a gal out and provide some form of entertainment, in exchange he would get a kiss good night at the door (usually under the watchful eye of a father or mother from the living room) All of the intentions were out in the open.

How much simpler is it when everyone understands the point. What is expected.

These days marketing tends to be more like the medical world. You have a need, you attempt to get it diagnosed and fixed by going to see a doctor. You have no idea what the cost is going to be before you go, and you rarely get the problem fixed, they may give you something to mask the symptoms but fourteen more issues spring up because of the stuff they gave you. It kind of reminds me of the 47 bazillion up sells common when  you purchase an internet marketing program. While I do agree it is an effective method of marketing it leaves me with an icky feeling.

Action Assignment:

  1. Decide what you want to accomplish before you write your blog post, what do you want your reader to do next?
  2. Decide how you are going to provide value to your reader before you write the post
  3. Write the post
  4. Include direct instructions as to what you want your reader to do next.

My intentions with this post and this website are to offer you assistance in the form of a phone consultation to diagnose what you need to do  to accomplish your goals with internet marketing or to further your internet business. All you need to do to get this help is to click on the little contact form that will pop up over in the right hand corner of this post, schedule a time and we will talk.

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