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Put your wallet away.
Because today we are here to talk about you! About the 3 stupid simple ways to inspire life-changing success and make money in the process.

Not the normal, buy this training and you will be a millionaire post. Just straight up let’s look at where you are an expert and show you how to turn what you know into what you do.

Step 1 – Discovering Your Super Power

Theoretically it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. While that might be true for most people when it comes to your super power – shocking though it might be – most are born with a natural talent or tendency towards some skill. Therefore The trick is figuring out how to incorporate your super power into a money making proposition.

How do you know something is your super power?

What do you do automatically?

Are you good with numbers?

What comes to you without any real thought?

Are you a problem solver?

Are you creative?

Can you see how things go together?

Do you dance, cook, paint, draw, build websites, code, understand marketing, practice yoga, know crystals, understand some hidden mystery?

Everyone has that one thing (at least one thing) that they are really good at. Try this exercise for yourself. Sit quietly and breath. What comes to your mind that makes you feel happy when you think about talking about it with others? Write it down.

Turning What You Know Into What You Do

Next we are going to take that thing, that super power and transform it into inspiring life-changing success for others! Because the more passion you have for the “thing” the more enthusiasm you feel sharing that expertise.

Now For The 3 Stupid Simply Ways To Inspire Life-changing Success And Make Money In The Process

You can create a course to teach others your super power. Though it might take them 10,000 hours to become an expert along the way it will change their life. Stumped for how to actually put a course together? Well Kajabi has your back. Take the 28 day challenge

Kajabi offers blueprints for creating;

  • mini courses
  • online courses
  • evergreen training
  • membership
  • community
  • coaching program
  • or you can start from scratch and build your own custom training

Along with the course creation tools, Kajabi offers emails sequences for follow up, optin forms, full sales funnels (they call them pipelines) sales pages, a blog to go with your site and analytics. They offer hands on training and help (that is actually helpful – I know, I used them) they also offer the ability to share the platform with others and offer a commission. (So if you take advantage of this 28 day trial and become a Kajabi partner I will receive a commission for that.)

I’m a huge fan of the platform. They have made sharing my Pinterest expertise and training easy. You can check that out at quitepintastic.com Where I help people build a Pinterest Business Account for Etsy (and other ecommerce sites).

Build a Patreon Following

Another idea for inspiring life-changing success and making money in the process is to create a Patreon following. Similar to YouTube Patreon works great for building a following who pay you! Are you super passionate about something that you’d like to share with others via video or music? This could be the platform for you. No upfront charges. Patreon takes a portion of your contributions depending on the size of your audience.

They, too, provide templates.

  • video creators
  • podcasters
  • musicians
  • visual artists
  • writers

Patreon works best for people who already have a “tribe” so to speak.

For Life-changing Success Start A Blog On A Platform

Starting a blog from scratch requires some know how – unless your super power is web design. It takes time to build a following and you need a whole group of resources so it isn’t cheap to start. By using a platform to get started, you can overcome a lot of the expense. If you have a product to sell, I’d suggest Etsy (and get the Pattern site option. It will cost you $15 a month but give you a blog that ties directly to your Etsy shop) Then teach people how to do something on your blog and sell the supplies in your Etsy shop.

You can do the same with Shopify.

Or you can use Blogger. Blogger offers the ability to have a normal domain name attached. So you can blog about what you are passionate about and include affiliate links to resources. Adsense makes it easy to connect to your blogger site. But you might have to wait a minute before getting approved.

Go Forth my friends and inspire others to learn a new skill, talent or to take action in the world around them. Live, Love, Laugh and be happy.

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