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How to make money blogging can be boiled down to several things that must be done consistently. These consistent things are writing unique content that you post in several specific places, promoting the content and repeating the process daily.


The most important aspect of writing unique content to make money involves targeting your keywords.You want to understand your target market. Then you need to know how they search for what problem you are going to solve for them. What do you want your reader to do in response to the article you are putting together?  Do want them to opt into a list, buy a product or visit a different article?

Keys to How To Make Money Blogging

  • Keep your content tightly focused on a single subject.
  • Deliver quality help in the form of affiliate products.
  • Syndicate your content on several platforms in addition to writing on your website.

Is the article you are creating the selling piece or the supporting piece of content? Articles that you put on authority sites gain the attention of the search engines faster and are more likely to rank quickly and higher than pieces you put out on not such high authority sites.  While backlinking to just any ole place will get you in trouble these days, you can still use some of the bigger platforms to build authority on your blogs by strategically posting.

BamBam Backlinks shows you how to maximize Google’s properties for extra backlinking juice.

Though primarily put together for ranking videos, these tactics work great for any content.

Make money blogging - easy steps to a successful website

If you create your own hub of inter related posts on a variety of platforms you can back link your own content keeping the reader in your web. The better you are at directing your reader the greater the potential for making money blogging.

Here are the steps For How To Make Money blogging:

  1. You need to set up several places that you create original content and post to. You can find the strategy for posting on high level sites to drive traffic with BamBam Backlinks
  2. Decide what problem your are solving. “What do you want your reader to do to solve their problems”.
  3. Next you look through the Google to see how people search for the answer to the problem you are solving. Pick three to five words/phrases. I like to use Jaaxy.com It is easy to find longtailed keyword phrases that you can rank for.
  4. Write three to five unique articles around those keywords/phrases.
  5. Use the phrases as anchor text in the articles linking the related articles together within the text of the articles themselves.

When you create videos online don’t forget to link them to the articles and to put in several paragraphs in the description area so that the search engines have something to go on. A video is a mini blog. Use RSS strategies to get found.

After you create your content you will need to syndicate it. For making money blogging it is critical that you get your content shared in a variety of places by a substantial number of people.  Tribepro and Onlywire are great tools to use to make syndicating much less time consuming. And Pingler.com is a great place to alert the search engines to a change on your page.

Each of these campaigns will be much easier to track if you use a spread sheet to make notes on:

  • the links between posts,
  • video links,
  • where you have shared the content
  • and how it is ranking
  • as well as the keywords and phrases you are using.

Once you get your post to rank in the search engines, the front page of Google is the goal.  You will want to continue to post articles in various places that link back with your anchor text to the article that is posting.

Quick How To Make Money Blogging Video

The Steps For How To Make Money Blogging

  1. Pick five places to submit content, three need to be authority blogging sites like see BamBam Backlinks for seriously effective places.
  2. Decide on your objective. What do you provide that solves a problem?
  3. Find 3-5 Keywords or phrases that people search on to find a solution to the problem you are going to solve
  4. Create 3-5 pieces of content, linking them all together through anchor text
  5. Syndicate them (promote them) each in at least 10 different bookmarking and social media sites

Learning how to make money blogging though not hard will take a minute to complete all of the steps for each campaign. This little technique I just taught you will get your posts to rank and you will get leads and make sales.  Serious about learning how to make make money blogging?

how to make money blogging - what works now updated for today

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