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Here is my colossal list of how to use a blog to make money online:

Mini blogs

Writedge and Hubpages are mini blogs. There are other mini blogs around but these are some of the big ones. They share advertising revenue with their authors. You create content around items, ideas, or simply what you are interested in. The mini blog host will then match up advertising to the content. As products sell through their affiliate programs  you receive a portion of that revenue.  The pros include; that because of the size of these mini blogs and the favorable rating they enjoy with Google, your posts stand a much better chance of ranking in the search engines. The cons include; that because they own the platform, in a way the own and control what and how and even whether you can post on their platform. Most importantly, you can not grow a list.

Sell your own product

If you create something original you can use a blog to sell that item or items. You would want to blog consistently about different aspects of the product, its use and benefits. Inspiring your reader to want to try your product by showing how your product solves a problem. Or makes them special. You could use platforms like Etsy or Shopify to sell your products. There are some top notch places where you can learn the ins and outs of selling on Etsy like Stuart teaches in his vintage blueprints tutorial. Selling Tee Shirts and Coffee mugs is also an option for Etsy these days.

Sell an affiliate product

Many internet marketers make serious money selling affiliate products through various affiliate systems. Affiliate sales involves selling a product for a larger organization or for the original creator of the product for a commission. Affiliates sell everything under the sun.

Here is a list of several more well known affiliate sales resources

Ideas For How To Make Money Blogging

Sell an MLM

You can make money blogging by using a blog to recruit others into a network marketing business you are part of.  Use your blog to help others in the network marketing world get leads, talk to people, showcase your life style and/or results. Using your blog to brand yourself by showing people through your posts who you are and what makes you different will grow a following and a list. I’m sure by now you have heard the money is in the list!

Sell information

If you specialize in some area you can make money blogging by selling information about whatever your specialty is. Pioneer woman is a good example of this. She has an interesting perspective on country living, she is an outstanding cook and she has a quirky personality that comes through in her blog. She makes a decent living at blogging because of this.

Sell a life style

Are you part of a group that does something different, like biking or canoeing or extreme camping? Maybe you are part of an elite society? You can make money blogging by sharing your experiences and expertise or simply letting others a glimpse of your life through your writing.

Create mini sites

Build your own mini blogs and sell affiliate products through them. There are some sites created already to facilitate and expedite this process like Niche Blogging. Niche Blogging and Blog Success are examples of making money blogging with a subscription format

Subscription Site

Develop a site that serves a need and sell subscriptions to the site. I mentioned two examples above, though there are many in almost every niche around.


Develop a blog that pulls information together around a specific topic. Drudge Report and Huffington post are two big examples of this type of blogging. ✅ Viral Loop makes this effortless.

Sell advertising

Set up blog posts that are designed to feed a hungry audience to various advertising platforms like Amazon text-link-ads and Google Adsense and Chitika

Flipping A Blog

I know, that sounds kind of funny doesn’t it? People make money blogging by creating a blog, aging it, and then selling it – sometimes for a lot of money! Blogs are like real estate online. I’m not sure if you have looked at buying domain names lately, often you have to chose long names because the shorter, more keyword targeted names have been purchased and are being resold for top dollar (we’re talking big money here in some cases)

Asking For Money

Some bloggers make money by asking for it with donation or tip jars on their site.


       *Message me if you’d like to learn how to set this cool little tip jar up*


You can make products over on zazzle or cafepress to sell on your own blog. Learn how to sell SunFrog Tee Shirts the free n easy way.

Sell Your Own Writing

As more and more business come online, more of them are needing writers. Google loves fresh content so many companies are looking for writers to help them generate content.

Sell yourself!

Sometimes making money blogging comes down to being found and offered a job writing because of your blog.

Not A Get Rich Scheme

You can make money blogging. It is not a get rich quick scheme, however.  I too have heard the hype; blog daily about anything you want and if you write on this magic platform you will get rich, rich I tell you. Probably not so much. You might scam a few people into joining you but unless you have a clear cut understanding of what you are doing, really, all you are doing is taking someone else’s money and not providing value to them in return.  If you are paying money for some service, you need to be sure you are getting value for that service. If you are charging others for a service, even as an affiliate, you need to make sure you are providing value for that money.

Blogging for money truths;

  • Not everyone who starts a blog will profit from it.
  • You must consistently blog about what your topic is about – go off topic or write about what ever comes to mind and you may get a vistor or three however, if your reader doesn’t know what to expect from your blog they aren’t likely to want to come back for more. (well unless they are relatives who want to encourage you)
  • You must promote what you do. Gone are the days when  you could write a post, throw a few keywords in there, get found on the front page of the search engine du jour and get traffic.
  • It is work. Consistently creating content that provides value requires dedication. It is a good idea to chose a topic you are passionate about.
  • It is going to cost you something, get over it.

Action Assignment:

  1. Decide what you want to talk about, help others with or sell that you are willing to work at consistently for the next five years.
  2. Decide which method or methods above you are going to employ to make money blogging
  3. Create a schedule
  4. Show up for work

If you are in the internet marketing niche, you have, I’m certain, heard all of the stories of people who make thousands of dollars a day blogging. While that might be true for a few of them they are primarily making money selling you on the idea of making money blogging and then selling you the shovel to start digging.  True story – most of the money made during the gold rushes was made by those selling the shovels, not them that panned the gold.

While there are many tools around to help you make money online (in general) they are tools. I sell tools and provide advice, what you do with the information is up to you and will determine your results.

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