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Let’s discuss how to make a blog post in 5 easy steps. While you can drive yourself crazy trying to rank your blog or website, if you follow these simple steps your ranking will happen.

1. Decide What The Solution To The Problem Is First

Deciding what you’re marketing is the first step. You do want to make money right? For example in this post about how to make a blog post in 5 easy steps the solutions will be Jaaxy, Easy Product Display and Pajama Affiliates Products. Why? Because if you want to be successful you have to invest in an education. Sure you can read free stuff and get a good idea about what you need to do, but the easy way is to get it in condensed chucks of useful information.

Step 1 – Decide what products or services your are going to offer

2. What Problems Does This Product or Service Solve?

Step number 2 in the how to make a blog post series requires making a list of what problems your product solves. In writing this article I am trying to solve my own problem of helping my friends and clients learn to blog effectively. In this case knowing how to make a blog post in the simplest terms possible. And then what to do with it once they are done.

Step 2 – Make a list of problems that your product or service will solve.

3. Do Your Keyword Research

Doing your keyword research is a two step process. Google questions around the problems in step 2. For instance I Googled how to make a blog post. Actually I started with How To Build A Blog Post. As You can see in the second part of the process that term doesn’t get many searches. Yet, How to Make A Blog Post has enough searches for me, and when I put it in Google the competition isn’t very steep.

Jaaxy Results

how to make a blog post jaaxy results

The picture above is for the first keyword phrase, this is the part with how to make a blog post

how to make a blog post

Google Results:

how to make a blog post google results

Armed with this information I move on to step 4.

Step 3 – Do your keyword research

PicMonkeyPicMonkeyLearn MoreEasy Product DisplayEasy Product DisplayLearn MoreJaaxyJaaxyLearn MorePajama AffiliatesPajama AffiliatesLearn More

4. Build Your Post

Outline It

The image below shows you how my post looked once I outlined it.

how to make a blog post

The first part of this step; set up your headings. It makes writing the article fast and easy. Once you have the headings outlined you know exactly what you are going to talk about. So all you do is put in a blurb fleshing out the heading. It also keeps you from getting too many words in any one section. Shoot for articles that are at least 600 words long. That is at least 5 sections.


You need to make sure you use your keyword in the post title at the beginning. The URL needs to be just the keyword. I include the stop words like a, the, and, etc. It is up to you whether you want to do that or not. Also you need to include the keyword phrase, exactly sprinkled through out the post. If you use yoast seo the goal is to get those buttons to turn green. I used to be fanatical about those green button, now if the over all buttons on the right under publish turn green, I am happy. 2% keyword saturation is usually the sweet spot.

Items to Include

I like to include a video and pictures – some of which need to be pinterest style pictures as appropriate. You will also need to incorporate places for your readers to purchase the solution to their problem. For that I like Easy Product Display as you can use it to create nice ads for just about anything. You also want to include links to other articles you have written and also outside sources.

Create Images

Personally I think Canva is the Bomb these days. However I did get started making images with picmonkey. Picmonkey isn’t free any longer and they have upgraded their platform quite a bit. Here is a nifty way to use Canva to make pinterest pictures for free. While this is about making pinterest pictures for Selling Sunfrog Tee Shirts, I do go over how to use Canva to make it a Pinterest picture.


Call to Action

Don’t forget to ask people to take action to solve their problems through out your article. You do that with links, pictures and ads.

Step 4 – Outline, SEO, Videos (if appropriate), Pictures, Call To Action. Make sure your Yoast SEO turns green & publish.

How to make a blog post in 5 easy to follow steps. Start with an open posts and end with syndication

5. Call the Search Engines & Promote

Submit Your Link To Google & Bing. Then post your links to all the social media places you love especially google plus and blogger. Gather those links, from your posts, and submit those to Google and Bing also.  I like to submit them to backlinks indexer too.

Step 5 – Submit your links to the search engines and promote in social media venues.

Final Words On How To Make A Blog Post

There you have it. How to make a blog post in 5 easy steps. Seriously if you want step by step instructions about making money online blogging, you need to check out pajama affiliates. They have a Facebook group that I would be happy to add you to (it is free). Just hit me up over there and let me know you are interested in joining.


PicMonkeyPicMonkeyLearn MoreEasy Product DisplayEasy Product DisplayLearn MoreJaaxyJaaxyLearn MorePajama AffiliatesPajama AffiliatesLearn More