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Bounce rate is one of those things Google uses to determine if your site is worth dishing up in the search results, but did you know that they stack the deck against  you?

I’m going to show you how to fix your bounce rate so that it actually shows real statistics to both you and Google here in just a second.  In Fact I’m going to make you a quick video to show you how to do this in optimized press and in regular themes that allow you to edit the theme in the editor. For some reason optimized press doesn’t allow that, well, they might allow it, but it is way over my not such a tech geek really, head.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is defined as time spent on site, which is, obviously, the average time a visitor spends on your site, and in this case the higher the number the better. Google wants people to stay on your site because it tells them that they found what they were looking for.

A high bounce rate and/or low time spent on site tells Google that people did not find what there were looking for on your site. This is a bad thing from Google’s point of view and they will penalize us for it by ranking us lower in the search engine results pages (SERPs)

A low bounce rate and high time on site, conversely, tells Google that your content was exactly what the person was looking for when they searched, and therefore you will be rewarded with a higher ranking for that term. (<==This link will show you how to get keywords to rank in Google)

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Why you need to figure out how to fix your bounce rate . . .

There are several ways you can improve these numbers, the main problem, however, is Google’s own way of reporting these numbers – it is flawed – especially if you run certain types of sites…

The way Google basis their analytic s calculation of Time On Site and Bounce Rate metrics is designed to measure the length of time between a user entering your site and their last page view.

Which is all Hunky-Dorie unless someone comes to your site looks at only one page and then leaves without going to another page on your site!

For Example:

If Susie comes to your site, reads an article for 3 minutes and 15 seconds, saves it to her browser’s bookmarks, then leaves, she never interacted with the webpage…To Google this is a bounce! They mark down 0:00 time spent on site. In other words, you just got your Bounce Rate artificially inflated – even though she was there for 3 minutes and 15 seconds!

This is really bad for bloggers and affiliate marketers who target long tail keywords. These visitors will come, read what they came for and leave and your site looks like people are bouncing away all over the place.

In a second example Susie comes to your site, reads one article for 3 minutes and 15 seconds, then clicks on a second article and reads it for 1 minute and 3 seconds. Google counts that as 1 minute and 3 seconds for the entire visit!

This system was set up for people entering a website that has a menu type landing page, so people will come to visit, decide what post they wish to read then go to the post and read it. It doesn’t work very well for people who come to a site landing on the page they want to engage with directly.

Here are two examples of how much impact putting this code on two of my sites has had:

how to fix your bounce rate

how to fix your bounce rateAs you can see putting this code on your site makes a pretty dramatic difference. Can you tell when I put the code on?

Good News though!

There is a little script that has been created that can fix your site and instantly improve your bounce rate and time on site numbers in a way that is totally white hat and in a way that not only helps you but actually helps Google.

I’m going to show you exactly how to implement this change on  your sites. You can get the code by telling me where to send it to you:

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This is the short video to show you how to install the code once you have received it:

See that was super simple and wait until you see what a difference it makes!

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