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Learning how to cold call effectively has more to do with  your mindset than anything else. Yes you can memorize scripts, but then you are going to sound just like those telemarketers who call you, ask you questions, don’t wait for your answer and drone on about what ever it is they wanted from you. Don’t you hate that? I know it drives me crazy. I make it a point to ask questions back (if they haven’t interrupted me doing something important) If they can’t go “off script” I quietly hang up.

You don’t want that right? The single most effective strategy for sales is to learn how to cold call in a way that makes your prospect think they have just made a wonderful new friend.  Get them talking about themselves, and sprinkle your questions with their name.

Fear is probably the single biggest obstacle when it comes to using the telephone to contact prospects. What if I forget what to say, what if they don’t buy, what if they get mad at me, what if…what if…

The thing is, if someone gets  upset with you for calling them, you probably don’t want to be doing business with them anyway. It is far easier to have a general idea about what you want to learn from the person you are calling than to simple blast them with what you want them to do.  Blasting someone about an opportunity before you find out if it is even something that they are looking for is a waste of time. (yours and theirs) Overcoming fear about stuff that probably isn’t even real is a matter of just deciding that you are helping these people you are calling. And then help them!

how to cold call

There are some strategies to learning how to cold call that will increase your rate of, at the very least, leaving the door open for future communications.

Do some research before you call your prospects. If you  have their email address you can see if they are on Facebook or Google plus or even Linked In. Try to find common connections or interests so you have some common ground to start the conversation. If you are calling off of a list, you need to know how they ended up on the list at the very least.

When you call, make sure that this is a good time to talk. They might tell you no and  you might not be able to reschedule, that is much better than assuming that they have time to talk to you right then.

Ask questions. You should have a list of open ended questions designed to get you the information  you need to move them in a direction that will solve their problems and also to qualify them to work with you. People will do a lot to be “picked” versus hounded. When asking questions, take notes and make your conversation genuine. Answer questions and then pose a new question. The person asking the questions is in control, not the person doing the most talking.

Use a mirror to make sure you are smiling while you talk to them – if you can’t use a mirror at least put up a sticker with SMILE on it to remind yourself to smile while talking. Try to mirror the pace of your prospect too. If they talk in a slow manner you talk in a slow manner, if they are energetic, you should be too.

Learning how to cold call is a skill that is worth perfecting. Those that are successful at this can build massive downlines in MLM and build huge businesses.

I once had an encounter with an old truck driver, back in my truck driving days, my husband and I were looking at a phone in a truck stop trying to see if we could hook our lap top up to it (back in the days before wireless). This old timer looked at us as though we were from outer space and said, “you just pick up the receiver and dial”.  In a gruff southern drawl.  Whenever I get ready to cold call, I remember that and it makes me smile.

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What do you think about using the phone? Do you like to call prospects?

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