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Are you still beating your head against the wall trying to get your stuff to rank again (or even for the first time) after the animal updates in Google? If you’ve got Google update problems you need to understand how to fight back with Reverse Attack Marketing.


Reverse Attack Marketing has gone the way of so many great strategies…BUT there is a training that is similar to Reverse Attack Marketing but uses free platforms that won’t be going anywhere soon – LOL and Google LOVES them 🙂

This Product is called BamBam Backlinks!

Google update problems

Reverse Attack Marketing Misconception

After using Reverse Attack Marketing’s strategy for getting targeted keywords to rank in Google I have to say, that I’m really impressed with the results. I was expecting to find that the whole concept might be complicated or perhaps even too rigid in its application to continue to use it long term. That has not been my experience at all!

What is Reverse Attack Marketing?

Reverse Attack Marketing is more of a concept of linking, mostly free, platforms together in a way that gives Google what it wants, and gets Google to give you what  you want…free traffic. With 90% of all purchases online starting with a search engine query, it is imperative that you figure out how to over come your Google update problems and start ranking lots of resources on the first pages of Google.

It All Comes Down To Understanding Which Keywords to Target

Understanding which keywords to target is the first step in overcoming your Google update problems. While many SEO experts might tell you to buy a wide variety of software, truly the best piece of software you can use is your own brain! Reverse Attack Marketing recommends Jaaxy for researching keywords to form the center piece of  your RAM campaigns (as we like to call them over in our private G+ group)

The thing I love about Jaaxy is that it isn’t complicated or expensive for what I use it for. Reverse Attack Marketing gives you certain parameters to use to decide if you can compete with that keyword or not. Then I  like to take the keyword phrase and run it through Google’s search engine to see what pops up on Google. I look at the auto complete words that show up. Some is looking for those words, so I will take them and plug them back into Jaaxy.

I think the trick (well one of the tricks anyway) is to find a quality keyword that gets searched for and then put modifiers on it. For instance if you were targeting “baby cribs”, perhaps you would do a series of RAM campaigns around “best baby cribs for little boys” or “best baby crib reviews for 2014” I haven’t looked at these so I’m not sure that they meet the parameters suggested as good targets, I was merely giving you ideas about how to add modifiers. It has been my experience that if you have a bunch of long tail keywords that get some traffic and incorporate the more competitive keywords the better your odds are going to be that the searcher will actually purchase something through your affiliate offer. And that Google will eventually start to see that they are ranking you all over the place in that query space so they will bump you up in the rankings for the move competitive keyword.

Don’t Spend All Your Time Writing!

While there are many ways to get around Google’s latest updates to get ranked, most of them, I have found require writing a lot! (or paying someone else to write for you). Reverse Attack Marketing is not so much about writing as it is about organizing the material already written in a way that provides the best value to a potential searcher.

Don’t worry about ranking on the first page of Google for the real competitive keywords, ranking on Google’s first page for less competitive, but more targeted keywords and then solving the problems that the searcher needs solved in order to make their purchase with helpful links and brief commentary is what Reverse Attack Marketing specializes in.

Jennifer Ledbetter has made two statements, that I just love, (she is the one who put Reverse Attack Marketing together to start with)

Don’t make Google look stupid


Google needs your help

Don’t make Google look stupid – when  you are putting together anything that you want Google to pay attention to, you need to make sure that you are providing the best possible solution for whatever keywords you are targeting.

Google needs your help – If you put a search term into Google in quotes and there isn’t an exact match returned (or there are only a few), that is Google’s way of telling you they need your help. They need you to put a RAM campaign up in that query space.

Bam Bam Backlinks works in Any Niche

Reverse Attack Marketing works in any niche market that you are thinking of entering. It even works in niches and to boost traffic for websites that you might already have out there on the net that got whacked causing your Google update problems to begin with. Jennifer likes working with Amazon and that is the focus of Reverse Attack Marketing, but because it is a concept more than a concrete, do it like this, type of product, you can send links to any affiliate marketing programs products out there or even create your own products to send buyers to. So many options!

When you go visit the Reverse Attack Marketing sales page you will notice it is way different from your normal sales pages. Jennifer is first and foremost an affiliate marketer, mostly for Amazon. She has spent years on Squidoo, profitably. Once Squidoo, partly because of Google update problems of their own, started shutting down lenses, she figured out this incredible method to fight back.

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There are two options when it comes to Reverse Attack Marketing; you can either purchase just the product or your can purchase the product and join the private group on G+. I highly recommend you join the group too. It is a very active group that provides support, answers questions and provides encouragement.

Pop on over now and see for  yourself why Reverse Attack Marketing could be the perfect solution to your Google update problems.

Google Update problems

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