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getting trafficWhen you are first starting out in an internet or MLM marketing venture one of the biggest challenges is getting traffic. Traffic leads to leads and leads lead to sales. It is pretty simple really though if you are just beginning, you may be mystified by the whole process.

We need to divide getting traffic into several different categories. This will make it easier to understand and for you to choose which method you are going to work. These are also mainly passive methods of getting traffic. Passive traffic is when you advertise and hope. Active traffic is when you take action and hustle…just so you know the difference.


Getting Traffic Through Blogging

Getting traffic through blogging is a time tested method, though you will have to use some of the other methods to jump start the traffic to your blog. The goal with blogging for traffic is to get your site to rank on the search engines (preferably on the front page in the top spots) for what ever keywords or phrase you are trying to rank for. This is the best kind of traffic because it is free and it is targeted. Someone searched for the answer you are giving them.

The fastest and easiest way to get traffic by blogging  is to blog on a platform that already getting search engine attention. A platform like the Level One Network will not only teach you how to blog in a way that attracts search engine attention, but can help you get ranked faster because of the power of the group.  Lots of content is added daily to Level One so as you add your posts they get indexed by Google faster.  I like to use Level One in conjunction with this website to drive traffic here, as I know that what ever I post on Level One will get indexed and be spidered and will pick up the links I have coming over here.

Getting Traffic Through Social Media

More than ever before the social proof sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are making a huge difference in getting traffic. There are ways to use these sites to actively get people to look at what ever it is you are promoting, usually it is not the drop your link and move on method that gets the most results though. There is a very good tutorial on how to use Facebook (to stay out of Facebook jail) that you can watch here called Avoiding Facebook Jail. Here you will learn how to leverage Facebook the right way to make friends and get traffic.

Getting Traffic Through Solo Ads

The fastest way to get traffic to an offer is to pay for it. There are many solo ad vendors around. (you can Google solo ad vendor to find a whole list of them) Some will even write the copy themselves. I find that if you are new to running solo ads and writing ad copy, this is probably going to give you the best results. Before running a solo ad you need to be crystal clear on your sales funnel. It is a good idea to do some test runs with free advertising or cheap paid ads like banner view sites (easyhits4u.com) is one I like to use to see if people are going to opt into what ever I am thinking about promoting. It is relatively cheap to get hits there or you can surf through sites in exchange for getting views on your site (if you have more time than money).

Getting Traffic Through Free Sources

There are many places around that you can use to place advertising for free. Some like Craigslist have some restrictions, so long as you abide by their rules and don’t try to spam the jobs section when what you are clearly offering is a business opportunity, you should be fine placing ads there. I find that the biz op section and gigs section offer the best results without getting your post “ghosted”.

Several other places that you can post free ads that get results are USFree Classifieds, backpage.com, and ClassifiedGiant.com.

Getting traffic through any of these strategies works. The key thing to keep in mind is that you must be consistent about it. Tweak your ads to see which ones get the best results. When you find one that works well expand on it.

Action Assignment:

  1. Make sure your sales funnel is set up and working – test all of the parts of it.
  2. Pick one method above and implement it every day for 30 days
  3. Track your results

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