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You have a shiny new website, congratulations!

You check your stats every day, but no one is showing up to read your ten beginning posts. And now you are like, “hey, what’s the deal?”

There is way more to getting free traffic than simply putting up content and hoping someone will come.  You need to create interest and for the most part that is done through social media and Web 2.0 sites. It is called syndication.

When it comes to getting the most out of your post, you need to do several of the following things immediately after you have created your article or video

You need to share what you have created with a variety of social networks. I like to use Onlywire.com for this. Yes it takes a bit to get your accounts set up, but once you are done, for a very nominal amount of money you can have every post and video posted to several dozen places.  A small caveat  here, I like to post to Facebook and Pinterest by hand.

When you create  your Facebook post, make sure that  you add a status update along with the post that engages your audience and motivates them to go look at the post. Encourage them to leave comments on the post or on Facebook.  You might ask them a question or make a challenging comment that creates discussion.  If Facebook is paying attention to the post, it will rank higher in the search engines.

Posting to Pinterest. There are two ways to post to Pinterest to get the most juice, from my perspective, though admittedly I am not a Pinterest expert by a long shot.  One you can make a new board around your keyword phrase, post your post/video on that board and then go find, on Pinterest and on the net six or seven other pieces that give more information or expand the subject around the post that  you are pinning. Don’t forget to add hashtags and a link to your webpage in each of the pins.

The next step is to submit your posts to the search engines. You can go here to learn how to submit a URL to Google and Bing. Be sure if you have created a new Pinterest board around your keyword to submit that URL to the search engines as well.

I go over building several Web 2.0 sites and backlinking, as well as keyword research, in How To Sell Sunfrog Tee Shirts the free and easy way, which, even if you aren’t interested in selling tee shirts, will show you how to build some Web 2.0 sites, step by step and then how and where to build bookmarking places. It is certainly worth the $14.95 to get this information and comes with access to a private G+ group where you can ask questions and get support for marketing anything really.

Steps to Building a Blog Post and Getting It To Rank:

Do keyword research. I like to use Jaaxy because it is easy to see where I can get squeezed in to get stuff to rank. My parameters are under 30 for website competition (QSR) and 95-100 for marketability (SEO).  I like to use 4-5 words in my keyword phrases, but have 2-3 word phrases that are encompassed in the phrase that have a bit tougher competition.


Make sure you have a couple plugins to help you with SEO. I prefer SEO Yoast & Yoast Analytics.  You really need to read this post and get the code to fix your Google analytics tracking here How to Fix Your Bounce Rate. I also like Rapid Ranker and Traffic Tagger.

Traffic Tagger will go through your article and find appropriate tags which save you a bunch of headaches. Make sure you go through the Yoast SEO, fill in the blanks, plugin that will show up at the bottom of  your post and that all of the menu pieces turn green before you publish.

A Few Extra Pointers

Try to keep your website tight to your niche. By that I mean, the more you discuss around a tight topic, the better you will rank in the search engines. If your site is about dog beds, don’t be talking about rabbits and guinea pigs. Probably shouldn’t even talk about cats, though you could put links in to cat beds, just don’t build whole articles around it.

Don’t be afraid to put links in to help your readers find the information or products they need. Do research to find affiliate offers that can actually help your readers.

A place I like to get original articles written or niche sites is here – they are fast, will tailor your article to your keyword phrase and they are good.

When you post a video to your YouTube channel, be sure to click all of the share buttons below it and also run it through onlywire.com.

Need Help Putting Up A Website?

All of this sounds great, but you are clueless about setting up a website? Never fear, Jill is here LOL…I can help you set up a website, guide you through all of the moving pieces and do it for a very reasonable price. Hit me up on Facebook or contact me here.


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