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So according to Brian Moran to get Facebook fans with Get 10,000 Fans is  useless!

10,000 Facebook fans is useless” that was the message I received in my inbox just the other day.  I don’t think Brian got the memo that I already purchased Get 10,000 Fans,* so I was shocked when I read that!  Kind of him to include a link to this video to clear up exactly what he meant.

Get 10,000 Fans – Brian Moran

Get 10,000 Fans is an excellent product and covers in detail what it takes to get Facebook Fans and then to convert them into customers The basic Get 10,000 Fans product covers the question why use Facebook Fan Pages, how to create your Fan Page and goes into some serious detail about SEO and Facebook.

*Since Brian Moran’s Get 10,000 Fans product I have found a more up to date way to build a fan page on Facebook:

Facebook Niche Profits shows step by step how to set up a Facebook fan page to get the maximum number of fans through some pretty easy to implement strategies. Guy and Ilan Ferdman who make  up SatoriPrime are well versed in Facebook Marketing, both paid and free marketing concepts. They’re easy going personalities make for entertaining, yet insightful instruction.

The twelve modules of Facebook Niche Profits covers all areas of Facebook marketing and will have you up and marketing with a purpose within the first couple modules.  I detail how Facebook Niche Profits worked for me in this post.

get 10000 fans


Action Assignment:

  • Set up a Facebook Fan Page
  • Decide what your sales funnel is going to be with your Fan Page

If you are serious about learning how to get Facebook fans, go study Facebook Niche Profits If you are really serious about mastering how to get Facebook Fans, get Facebook Niche Profits and 22 Social! Though the products over lap in some areas, they do compliment each other nicely in terms of getting you the complete picture when it comes to using Facebook to gain customers.

It is easy to use Facebook to make money online especially if you have the right tools:

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