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Do you ever marvel at yourself when you finally figure something out that was as plain as the nose on  your face all along?hidden in plain sight

That is what happened to me today.

I’m going to tell you something that is probably very evident  to you, but in all honesty, though it is a basic concept, I think it escapes people.

You want to get the most profit for the amount of effort you are expending.

What does that mean?

It means that if you are going to do an amount of work to promote something, anything, really, you want to be getting the maximum amount of profit from it.

As you may be aware, I’ve been putting together RAM campaigns lately. (Reverse-Attack-Marketing) While this strategy was mainly designed to profit from Amazon, I’m finding that  if you are going to go to the effort of putting together a big campaign using the strategies outlined in the RAM method, that if you are going to dominate the query space,  you might as well be making the most amount of money possible in that query space.

Making the most amount of money in a query space might not necessarily be with Amazon! There are lots of places where you can become an affiliated and make a lot more profit than with Amazon.

That little tidbit of information was an eye opener for me today!

While I love Amazon because it is so easy to promote items there, promoting products from other sources, that pay quickly and reliably too, but have a larger profit margin makes so much more sense. Ultimately, selling your own products is the way to go, but if you don’t have a product right now, than you should be promoting products that will at least pay you a significant return on the time you are investing in promoting it. If you can tag Amazon links in there too, even better.

Here are 6 Resources For Finding Affiliate Offers:


  • JVZoo  is a good resource for finding affiliate offers related to internet marketing. They have a whole slew of products from getting leads to tools that make what you are wanting to accomplish easier. Reverse Attack Marketing is a JVZoo product. You get paid quickly, directly from the producer of the product – so you don’t have to meet a bunch of payment criteria to get paid like some affiliate offer sites require.
  • Above all offers – Here you will find a wide variety of pay per click or pay per action type offers from a wide variety of niches. Everything from dating to weight loss. They pay promptly and I have to say that they have first rate customer service when it comes to their affiliate reps. If you shoot me a message I’ll make sure my rep introduces himself and gets you all set up.
  • Offervault – I haven’t personally used offer vault so I can’t vouch for how they operate, but I do know they have a wide selection of offers. They also have some very high ticket items that, if you are good at building niche sites, or even using the RAM method,  you could make a lot of money finding solid affiliate offers here.
  • Clickbank – Of course this is the grand daddy of all affiliate offers sites, but it is not my favorite by a long shot. While they do provide a ton of information about what is making sales, I think they make it difficult for the novice to make any headway as far as seeing the money they have made. I had to earn over $500 to meet all of the parameters they had set up!
  • Odigger – They are a huge resource for finding affiliate offers! The promise over 70,895 affiliate offers and 471 networks. If you can’t find something to promote there, that pays a reasonable commission, you aren’t looking hard enough.
  • Affiliaxe – This is another big site to find the perfect affiliate offer. A little more competition to get approved, but a quality site none the less.

You can always develop your own product, put a Paypal button on your webpage or Facebook page and promote that! Then you have instant money. You can even drop ship a product using Amazon or another drop shippers out there, using Paypal buttons and either a Facebook fan page tab (using 22 Social makes it super simple to do this) or a webpage.

I have used this technique with success for selling my ItWorks Wraps inventory through a Fanpage tab.  Here is the link so that you can see how I set it up – you can also feel free to order a wrap to tone, tighten and firm for your holiday parties or to be ready to kick of your weight loss resolution with a bang this January. Buy A Wrap

Is it just me or are light bulbs going off for you too?

When was the last time  you had a huge paradigm shift that moved your business forward in a big way?

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