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There are many strategies on how to find good keywords to get ranked in Google, some require purchasing access to software while others use free tools.

how to find good keyword phrases to rank in google

The process I like to use does use Jaaxy  which you can use for free to do 30 searches.

In this video I will show you how I use Jaaxy and Google to decide which keyword or phrases I think that I can get to rank in Google.

My parameters for choosing “easier” keywords would be a QSR rating under 40 (the lower the better) and an SEO score of at least 95 if I’m trying to find keywords or phrases to sell something.

Also Ubersuggest.org is a great place to get ideas about what is being searched for.

When I do keyword research for marketing products, I like to gather a bunch of possibilities and keep them in a notepad so that when I sit down to work, I’m not stuck as to what to do first. I can simply go pick a keyword phrase and start testing them to see if they will produce the results I’m looking for.

This video series will show you how to check to see if you can get your keyword phrase to rank in Google.

Here is Part one of the Checking To See If We Can Rank Our Keyword Phrase In Google


Part Two – Creating Our Storify Page:

Part Three – Bag The Web and Checking Google

Here are the steps to checking your keyword phrase:

  1. Find a keyword or phrase that matches the 40 or less QSR and then 95 or better for SEO.
  2. Make sure you have a product that goes with the keyword or phrase
  3. Make a Flipboard – by flipping an item into the board. (Don’t forget to grab the URL)
  4. Make a picture in picmonkey.com
  5. Make a Pinterest Board, add your picture to the board, collect a few more pins from Pinterest and around the web to your board and use hashtags.
  6. Make a Storify Story – use the pinterest picture for the main picture right under the description – flip that
  7. Make a Bag the Web – by adding Storify to Bag The Web (Don’t forget to add a picture and make that bag public)
  8. Make sure you have added to flipboard; Storify, Pinterest, Your products, and Bag the Web.
  9. Put all of the links in the Google Url Submitter tool
  10. Wait a few minutes
  11. Go to Google, turn off the personal links button, and search for your keyword phrase. If one of your pieces comes  up in the top 30 spots of Google, create a full RAM campaign.

You can learn exactly how to do that buy picking  up your copy of Reverse Attack Marketing Here. Join the Google Plus Group. That is where you will get access to people who know what they are talking about, they will not only provide encouragement, but also answer questions, teach you short cuts, open your mind to the possibilities and you will make money online by following the lead of these seasoned marketers. I’m not promising you will make a fortune, but if you do what is taught you will find that your sales will progressively increase.

This system works great for marketing all kinds of affiliate products, even T Shirts or your own products or services.

You can always ask me questions either by contacting me through this blog or friending me over on Facebook and messaging me.




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