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As an internet marketer I’m  certain you understand the value of Facebook marketing. Setting up your own personal wall as well as setting up Fan pages and Groups.  There is a lot of money to be made through Facebook. You can also lose your shirt over there if you are not careful.

how to set up a facebook profile

Setting Up Your Wall Profile to Maximize  Your Facebook Marketing Efforts:

You will need two pictures to start with, one for your avatar and one for your cover photo. The avatar or profile picture should be one of your face that is professional and engaging.The pictures itself needs to be 160px X 160px but you should upload a picture that is 180 X 180 pixels to get the best quality picture. The cover photo needs to be 851 X 315 pixels.

When it comes to your cover photo, you can now add text. If you add a click here banner and a little arrow encouraging people to follow you it tells them what to do while they are on your page. After you have uploaded your pictures, you will need to click on them and add a description. In the description area be sure to include a link to your website and give them a reason to visit that site. This is the single most under utilized,  Facebook tip I can give you. You can also tag your fan pages in the photo section, or others in your industry.

Next we want to complete our profile.  While this is primarily supposed to be a page for your real friends and family, marketers know that they will be attracting others who are looking to make money or solve a problem as friends. Because really, who has 5000 personal friends in real life? The biggest, most important part of completing your profile is to give people ways to find out what  you do and what you are about. While technically this might be walking the edge of what Facebook will allow – you are not supposed to use your personal profile as your professional profile, they want you to use pages for that. So if you are concerned about following the rules to the letter, you might want to put a link to your fan page in your profile picture instead of putting a link to your website there.

You will want to be sure to connect your fan page to your about me section, you will want to complete the website portion, as well as the “about me” part.

Here is a short video explanation of these little Facebook marketing details for your profile page.

There are many good tutorials on setting up a Facebook fan page most miss using the description area to share your offer. Always remember to tell your visitors what’s in it for them. Why should they click that link?


This is a very good tutorial done by a friend of mine Michelle Grigsby on actually setting up the fan page:


Making Friends and Getting Fans

The easiest way to make friends on Facebook, for me, is to find them in other places and invite them to friend you on Facebook. Put your Facebook profile link in your emails, your signatures on any forums you belong to, post it on your YouTube Channel. When you get friend requests, take a few minutes and private message them after you visit their wall. See what they are doing and make a real connection.

Go and visit their website, leave a constructive comment, pin their pictures, share it on your G+ wall if you think your G+ friends would be interested, and share it on Facebook with appropriate groups or people. Ilan and Guy Ferdman put together an excellent course on Facebook marketing that includes building a fan page to maximize your profits using paid advertising. You can check that out here: Facebook Marketing


Michelle talks about four ways to get more fans on your Facebook page for FREE (our favorite price right? LOL)

This should get you started on your Facebook marketing adventure. Whether you are an old hat or just starting out on you internet marketing adventure, be sure to check out the tools offered for over at Ingreso Cybernetico. Not only will you discover great tools for putting together and marketing a website or blog, but you will get to meet other like minded individuals because after all marketing is all about community, right?

And if we aren’t already friends over on Facebook, let’s connect!

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