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2011 gardenConsistent action will produce results. If you want specific results you need to do the specific actions consistently that will produce those results. The fastest and easiest way I know to accomplish that is to find someone who is already getting the kind of results you want in the area you desire to get results in and duplicate what they are doing.

Actions are a result of our decisions. The place we are in life, whether we are fat or thin, in shape or out of shape, rich or broke, living the life style we want or hate are all a product of the choices we made at some point. The way to get different results is to make different choices consistently.

We might say we want to be rich, make a lot of money, lose weight, whatever, but until we take the actions required consistently, that will never happen; it is just a wish. You might be saying, but Jill, I thought you said we could simply attract what we want into our life by vibrating the right energy? Yes, I did say that. There is a caveat to that though and that caveat  is that the law of attraction only works if you are in motion. Energy is all about motion.

Here are the principles laid out:

  1. You make a decision to change some aspect of how your life is going.
  2. You then make choices that are congruent with setting up your life in a way that would match the decision you have made.
  3. You take consistent action, in that you continually make choices that align with the decision you have made.

For example:

You have decided to lose weight. You then find someone you can relate to that has lost weight. Figure out which actions that person did daily to accomplish the weight loss and duplicate them. It is the consistent action that the change will occur.

If someone you respect tells you how they accomplished a goal that you wish to accomplish, spells out which consistent action they took daily, wouldn’t it be absurd not to do that same consistent action too?

For me the hardest part of the process is consistent action and the way I get around that is to write down what I’m going to do each day and work at checking everything off the list. Does life sometimes get in the way? Yes, you need to plan for that. Don’t make your daily routine so complicated that you can’t accomplish the main tasks each and every day. Get the most important ones done first even if you have to lose sleep to accomplish them.

For every goal you have set (you do have goals set right?) you need to have a daily method of operation designed to get you closer to reaching your goal. I have several goals in my life at any given point and time because I have several things going on in my life. Your aim should be to accomplish the consistent action for each goal in the planned time. Using a day timer is a great way to keep yourself organized and to keep you on task. Showing up for work is half the battle.

Here is a little farmer wisdom on consistent action

The Bible says, as a man soweth so shall he reap. Which means that what you plant will be what you harvest. If you plant corn,  you will reap a harvest of corn. One never reaps the harvest in the same month that the crop is planted and one must take consistent action while the crop is growing to ensure the best harvest.


Action Assignment:

  1. Decide what you need to change in order to accomplish one main goal you have set
  2. Choose what you are going to do daily to accomplish that goal
  3. Set aside a reasonable amount of time each day to accomplish the tasks, schedule a time to complete them
  4. Do the tasks  every day until you reach your goal.

We are all the product of the decisions we have made and it is never to late to change what tomorrow will look like by making different decisions today.

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