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change how you lookWhen I was maybe twelve years old, my grandmother sent me a letter and in the letter was a copy of the poem by Walter D Wintle – Thinking.  That poem has had a great impact on my life. Like everyone I’ve had ups and downs but along the journey I have found that one thing is consistent; change how you look at life and life will look different to you.

I believe that the reason that different people can look at the same situation and see different results is because of what they are expecting to find.  Everyone lives in a different paradigm. We all have different experiences that have lead us to the point we are at today. If you are expecting good things to happen, when things happen in life you will try hard to find the good. If on the other hand you expect the worst, than you will only see the terrible things that come across your path.



The Man Who Thinks He Can

You have the ability to decide to change how you look at life.  To choose to look for what is good, noble, praiseworthy; to expect to find wonderful events and excellent opportunities along the path of your life. To choose to look for opportunity in adversity. It is naive to think that challenges will not happen to you, but you can choose how you approach the challenges.

The way to change how you look at life is to start with what you allow your mind to talk about when it is free. Do you worry? I once heard that worry borrows trouble from tomorrow with out the grace to cover it. Or put another way Don’t worry about tomorrow today has trouble enough of its own. Focus on now, it is the only thing you have control over. Focus on seeing success now.  Practice being the person you think you want to become and eventually you will be that person.

When you change how you look at life it is a matter more of focus. As you focus on what you expect what you expect will materialize. I do this often with money. The basic strategy for a money miracle is:

State out loud, “today I will experience a money miracle” – then I put it out of my mind and wait. As you go through the day let the idea come back to you that you will experience a money miracle and then let it go again.  Be aware of financial things that are happening around you. A money miracle could be as small as finding a penny, or getting a big check in the mail, or even getting a discount on something you needed.  Just be aware.  You will find lots of things coming together to make this true for you.

Action Assignment:

  • Decide that today you will experience a money miracle
  • Be aware of all situations that are miracles involving money
  • Express your gratitude as you experience the miracles.

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