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Be like Google…

This morning I was watching a video from Derek Halpern’s site, Social Triggers where James Altucher (my new favorite super hero) was talking about “Choose Yourself” – how to sell yourself when you are NOTHING. In James’ case he was less than nothing.

I got several ah ha’s out of his little chat, like maybe making the first million IS the hardest. Apparently James has made and lost several million dollars a couple of times. Which makes me feel better for starting over several times myself. Mr. Altucher talks about the four things in sales – hold on, I’m writing this late in the after noon and I watched this this morning, in between I’ve bought hay, wrangled a goat, had a life conversation with my husband, sold some goat’s milk soap & eggs  and got my bait back on a lottery ticket…

The four things are:

  • Giving – provide value with no expectations
  • Get to the yes – some one will realize the value you are giving
  • Exceed expectations – over deliver
  • Build wealth – people do business with those they know, like, and trust.

These are pretty simple concepts right? Yet, how often do we just want to skip to the build wealth part? Be honest…I know that I would like to win the lottery (otherwise I wouldn’t buy lottery tickets). I also firmly believe that I will win the lottery one day and have won large -ish pots on occasion. I might be close to even on the lottery gig.

I definitely  like this James Altucher. I like that he gives us permission to be helpful without expecting anything in return immediately. I like that he prospects by providing value and works with those that pick him. He also talks about Google, which is where the title for this post came from…be like Google

What does that mean you ask? It is just this, Google is all about pointing to others to provide information and they are up front about everything. Google works really hard at providing the best value possible – which is why we internet marketers are always worrying about keywords and getting on the front page of Google to get visitors. If you think about it, Google is a blank slate, they are a website like everyone else that has a website, all they provide are links to other websites. There are 10 links to other websites per page and then there are several spots that Google is right up front about; they paid to be there.

James AltucherThat whole concept made so much sense to me. I have always considered myself a facilitator. I have lots of connections in lots of areas of my life and I get a lot of pleasure hooking people up. Like the gal that came by to get eggs and soap, she really wanted goat’s milk. I’m not milking goats so much this year. After milking several goats every day for seven months a year, this year I took off. I’ve milked one a bit so that I have milk to make soap with, but not a whole lot to sell. So anyway, I know several people up here in the valley that also have goats that they milk and would love to sell her some milk. It is a community thing. We trade, help each other out and it is okay if someone else gets to collect some money for something you sell too once in a while. It all works out in the wash.

Getting back to Google. I think that being like Google is rather like being a good curator. It is the ability to organize information – because we have SO MUCH information. We don’t really need more information, we need to be able to present the information that already exists in a way that helps those searching to process  the information to their best advantage.

There was one other thing that James Alturcher said that struck me and that was, and he addresses this first off, “know thy self”. If you don’t know what you are good at and where you suck, you are doomed to a life of hell because you don’t know where to get help.  I had to laugh when he talks about sucking at negotiating – I suck at negotiating. I want to help everyone for free. One can’t earn a living for free. There will always be people who are waiting to take advantage of you. Not that they do it on purpose, everyone has a story.

It is kind of like the guy I get hay from. Dave is the salt of the earth. He is compassionate to a fault. He is also 80 something years old and is owed well over $40,000 dollars from people with stories. (He loves me cause I always pay as I go)  One lesson I have learned is that if  you don’t have debt to anyone you have a whole lot more options. And the guy that sells you hay will split his last 20 bales with you at the end of spring, when there is no more hay to be had.

I plan to be more like me in the future around here. You will see lots of links to places were you can get help, some you might have to pay for the information at, some will just be resources I find helpful. You are going to hear more about my farm too. I have learned so much hanging around here.


Action Assignment:

  • Go watch the video James Altrucher did – click the link above
  • Leave your insights below in the comments, I’d really like to know your thoughts

I’m thinking I might have to revamp my whole design strategy too. The thing is when you start reading so many different “A bloggers” it kind of makes your head want to explode LOL.

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