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Audit your Pinterest account so that you can get the maximum traffic the fast possible way from Pinterest. We know Pinterest is a terrific way to get eye balls on what we offer, but the idea of starting over can be daunting. The main question is; Is it better to start fresh or revamp your exisiting Pinterest account.

Revamp Your Pinterest Account

In the audit your Pinterest account portion that deals with revamping your account, these are the things you need to consider.

  1. Is your Pinterest account a personal account?
  2. Do you have lots of boards mainly designed around what you like to curate?
  3. Would the people looking at your boards be the kind of people who would be your idea customer?

Start A Fresh Pinterest Account

Your answers to the questions above provide the keys to determining if it would just be better to start fresh. Here are some getting started guide lines.

  1. Understand exactly who your target customer is
  2. List the kinds of things your customers find interesting on Pinterest on Pinterest
  3. Create your new Pinterest account with the above two items clearly in mind.

Or you could just hire us to set it up for you.

What We Offer in the Pinterest Account Audit

In the Pinterest Account Audit we will go over your existing Pinterest Account to determine if it meets the criteria for a revamp. Revamping options includes a roadmap to help you transform your existing account.

If you determine that starting fresh is the best option you can either use the check list that will be provided to you or you can hire us to set it up and get you generating traffic quickly.

Need a fresh start for  your Pinterest account? Let us set it up for you. So you can get to pinning and driving traffic and making sales.

Video Pins Grow Traffic Fast

Once you have your Pinterest account either revamped or started fresh you should definitely look at creating video pins to get the most traction fast! Read this article to get started and grab your guide to free resources.

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