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Why should you ask questions that start with why?

The long and the short of it is because it causes your brain to want to find an answer.

Consider this:

Why is the sky blue?

What did your brain do? Unconsciously we start to try to answer why questions. It is just how we are wired. (It is blue because water droplets refract more of the blue spectrum than the red spectrum so the sky appears blue)

We all ask questions every day with our self talk – or monkey chatter if you will. Usually they are dis-empowering questions like;

1. Why won’t anything work out for me?

2. Then there is: why can’t I find the perfect mate?

3. Another example: why am I always broke?

Those types of questions will keep you that way!

When you ask questions you need to ask in a way that will cause your brain to want to find a solution for you. Noah St John’s, book Afformations talks about how to ask questions using “why questions” to change your life. He had a shower revelation – don’t all good ideas happen in the shower? – after spending many years repeating affirmations that didn’t change anything in his life. His revelation was basically that if you don’t believe what you are saying (the belief gap) things won’t change because you don’t believe that they will change.

Noah St John Explains Why Ask Questions

Noah uses the example of a hitting a baseball that is pitched by a professional pitcher versus hitting a baseball off of a t-ball T (the little ball holder kids use when they are learning to hit a baseball). He postulates that there are four parts to achieving results: Desire, Belief, Action, Results. Each of these components must be  fulfilled in order to achieve a desired result.

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In the case of the professional pitcher, most of us would not believe we could hit that ball. So our approach would be tentative and we would give up quickly when the results didn’t pan out well for us on the first few attempts.  This is like when we repeat affirmations that we simply do not believe.

On the other hand if  you approach a T Ball T you are going to be pretty confident that you could at least hit the thing if not knock it out of the park, right? The difference is perspective and a belief gap.

When you ask questions that start with why, you close the belief gap! Here is a short exercise for you to put this in practice.


The Art of Using Your MindThe Art of Using Your MindLearn MoreAfformationsAfformationsLearn More

Action Assignment:

Go through this list and write what you want your life to look like in each area:

  1. Health and Well Being
  2. Money and Abundance
  3. Building Self Confidence
  4. Work and Career
  5. Love and Intimacy
  6. Family and Relationships
  7. Conquering Fear
  8. Overcoming Bad Habits
  9. Spirituality
  10. Life and Happiness

How to use questions that start with why to prosper your life

You need to be as clear as possible on these desires.

  • Next write down the negative questions you tell yourself about each of these areas – be honest here, we all do this.
  • Re Write the questions starting with why in a positive format.

Here is an Example of rephasing

  • Desire: I want to lose 20 pounds in the next two months.
  • Bad Questions that I have asked: Why can’t I lose weight? Why do I keep making bad food and drink choices?
  • Empowering Questions: Why do I lose weight effortlessly? Why do I eat healthy food and make good drink choices?
  • Now beside each of these empowering questions, write down three things you can do to take action on them.

Asking “why” questions is not a magic button, nothing is going to happen if you don’t change something. However if you ask questions that start with why framed in a positive way the results you get, ultimately, will be the results you want, because you are addressing the belief gap and taking action.

Once you get your empowering questions, you need to write them, read them, say them and listen to them.

If  you want to get more details about afforming your life I highly recommend that you go pick up a copy of Noah St John’s book, Afformations. It  could change your life.

Why ask questions that start with why? Knowing the correct way to frame questions in life can transform your life.

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