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afformationsNoah St John’s latest release Afformations is all the rage in the marketing, sales and self help arena. While it is an interesting look at how to go from affirmations to afformations there is a lot  more going on with this book than appears on the surface.

Yes, you will learn all about the right questions to ask yourself and why to ask them in a particular way, however, the greatest lessons that I gleaned from this book  happened when I stepped back and looked at the total marketing package.

Mr. St John wrote the book, Afformations,  as a marketing piece for his larger product The Afformation System. The first chapter of the book was released and circulated online several months before the actual book was made available. During that time Noah St John communicated with his list, offering advice and tips on how to ask the right questions, I’m pretty sure the Afformations System product was available during this period and offered as well.

This is what the Afformations System Product offers (in case you are curious):

— Complete and in-depth details on the Afformations Method  (Videos & Audio Recording)
— Complete Afformations Guidebook (Printable PDF Guidebook)
— Bonus 1: Attract More Money iAfform Audio – Change your subconscious beliefs about money
while you’re busy doing other things!  (60-Minute Audio Recording)
— Bonus 2: Removing Financial Head Trash  (Step-by-step Video)
— Bonus 3: Overcoming The Fear of Rejection (Special Report)
— Bonus 4: The Power of Empowering Questions (Special Report)
— Bonus 5: Optimal Health Strategies (Audio Q&A Recording)
— Bonus 6: Demolish Procrastination wi th “The Specify Strategy” (Audio Q&A Recording)
— Bonus 7: $125 Jack Canfield Exclusive Interview
— Bonus 8: Private Online Mastermind

When the book was finally available, I couldn’t wait to read it. It is a fast read. It is also a serious look at how to go from asking the wrong questions in the wrong way to asking the right questions in the right way.  Through out the book you are given information about the Afformations System, which I find interesting and is why I think that the book was written as a marketing tool for the main Afformations System.

The whole afformation process only takes a few minutes a day. I can personally add my testimony to those who have shared those in the book.  In the last few days that I have been applying afformations, I have had more concrete inspiration about what direction to take my business and have had several people contact me out of the blue to work with them.

One of my sons who has struggled with math started using afformations in the morning before school and has had a remarkable change in his ability to complete his math homework quickly. We went from three hours of struggle to 45 minutes of cranking it out.

The process of afformations is not magic. You still have to do the work to get where you want to go. What you will get is a road map.  Asking the right questions in the right way is the first step in opening up the process of getting where you are headed. Noah has an example in the book about traveling to a certain destination and goes on to explain the process of getting there that we take for granted when we travel, but perhaps need to take a closer look at it as the process that when applied to achieving our goals can get us there the fastest.

Let me know what you think of the book when you read it or what you’ve gotten out of it if you already have and don’t forget to share this post with your networking friends on Facebook.


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