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This is going to be a quick tutorial about how to add a Pinterest Widget to your website.

Every time I try to add a Pinterest widget to a website, I spend forever trying to remember how I got it to work on the last one. So here. I am going to put this short little piece together to remind my self. (and hopefully you will benefit too)

As with most things on line once you figure it out you are like, hey, why couldn’t they just say that!

How to add a pinterest widget and where to put the annoying code

Here goes…

How to add a Pinterest widget to your website and where to put that annoying code.

You know the one that is supposed to go on each page before the /body tag.

To begin with you need to go to the Pinterest Developers site.

Then you will need to pick the pin, board or profile code depending on which one you are looking to add.

The next step is to add the url to either your account (for profile) or board if you are just looking for one board to post.

Now that you have the code pop on over to  your widgets and select the text box. Put that where you want the widget to show up. Your next step is to paste the code in the text box.

Now, go back over to the page where you found your widget code and grab that annoying little piece of java script that is supposed to go on each page and paste it right below your widget text.

I know, I know…

You are thinking WHAT? I thought I had to go put that in some special place in the theme code! But no, it just needs to go right there in the widget box and all will be well in your world.

Here I made a short video walking you through all of these steps.


Go and post Pinterest widgets in peace.

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