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Achieving goals…how often do you set goals and kind of forget about them?

achieving goalsIt happens to me more often than I like to admit.  I’m not talking about little goals here, though they count too, but the big goals in life like making a certain amount of money, or a total life style change, or acquiring something that you think you’d like.

If you are like most entrepreneurs you probably set goals, heck if you’re like most people in the world you have somethings that you want, that you would like see in your life or to have your life look a certain way. Not necessarily the big yacht and the home in the Caribbean, it could be more mundane like having a farm or living off the grid or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with  your tooth brush and a pocket knife.

Over the years the thing that I have found to be most helpful in achieving goals I have set is to write them down. It isn’t even necessary to think about how you are going to achieve them. The act of writing them down and then mulling them over does something to your brain that causes you to come up with ways to make what ever you have considered happen.

Daydreams are powerful tools to achieving goals. Letting your mind wander in a quiet place. Trying on the life you think you want or the thing you want in your life allows your mind to formulate ideas that will bring that thought into being. Here are several personal cases in point.

As a youngster I always daydreamed about living with lots of people in my home, as an adult, my home has always had extra people living with us. My brother in law and his wife, my father in law and various other kids that have moved in and out of our home.

When I was 14 hiking with my family I daydreamed the house I’m living in and the farm I have. It took 30 years for this daydream to be realized – One day about seven years ago I was standing in my garden in a beautiful McCastle in Southern Utah and decided that this was not me. I sold that house for a huge profit and moved up to Cache Valley.

I set a huge goal for this year for myself monetarily, and have had several days where $3000 dollars has shown up randomly. I love to look back over my life from time to time to recognize how things have come together for me. Often while I’m in the thick of things it is hard to see the goals that I have achieved. Without taking the time to slow down and be grateful for the things that have come to you it is hard for your brain to not focus on why the new things aren’t here yet.

I like to write down what I’m grateful for each day, at the very least I start my day with prayers of gratitude for everything (and I name the things) that are in my life right now. I also like to read my goal statement and daydream (or visualize) the way I expect things to go. Like I’ll daydream about buying my brand new 5th Wheel or winning the lottery or traveling around the country with my husband.

Incorporating EFT (or tapping) into my life has helped me stay centered. When achieving goals is allusive it is helpful to me to start clearing mental blocks. If everything is energy, and it is, than it stands to reason that from time to time, the energy you emit gets stuck or clogged.

Margaret Lynch is one of my favorite EFT coaches – Why not try out this fun round of tapping for $50,00o and see what comes to you!

There wasn’t that fun? She always makes me smile while I’m doing this round of tapping.

Achieving goals can be broken down into a few little steps

  1. Write down what you want – the more detail the better
  2. Daydream about being in that picture
  3. Be conscious about the things that happen that are drawing you closer to your goal

Action Assignment:

  • Write down your goals in great detail for finances, your life, your relationships
  • Daydream about each of those, putting yourself in the picture. Don’t manipulate the dream too much just allow  your mind to wander where it will with what  you think you want
  • Look for signs along the way that you are getting closer to achieving your goals

Okay that’s it.  Achieving goals is not difficult, it is more a matter of being tuned into them being achieved. Rarely does the universe move in a way that suddenly things are different, or suddenly you have everything you have always wanted. But like a magnet that will draw towards its goal, writing and visualizing will draw what you want toward you.

Be sure to share with us what your results are in the comments below.

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